The breaking news in Richmond today finds that Virginia Democrats have finally found a bright moral line that is “unacceptable” to cross. The murder of Americans in Bengazi?  Nope?

The IRS’s bludgeoning of Americans exercising their constitutionally protected rights?  You’re kidding, right.

The blatant violation of the oath of office by a sitting Attorney General?  Surely you jest.

Fifty-five million abortions?  Stop laughing.

Oh no, the ethical line that has Governor Terry McAuliffe and his minions in abject moral outrage is the delivery of the state budget by House of Delegates officials, with the assistance of the Capital Police, to a “secure” hallway in the Governor’s office.

Where’s Patrick Henry when you need him?

This outrageous act that seems to have the Commonwealth on the brink of constitutional crisis was brought to us today by the news room at the Richmond Times Dispatch.  Clearly getting crushed by the reporting of “Gift-Gate” by the Washington Post over the past year and bleeding readership faster than the government is bleeding cash, the ole’ RTD finds its moral voice – and desperate desire to remain relevant – in outing Speaker of the House Bill Howell in his conspiracy to get a budget completed by June 30.

Oh the humanity!

Sadly, this is where Virginia’s Democrat Party and the RTD find themselves.  A little more than a week before a very real crisis could have taken place, where neither seemed outraged or bothered, they desperately cry foul over the delivery of a budget from the legislative branch to the executive.

Or maybe RTD is just mad that the Capital Police is better at Sunday delivery?