Friday Fun: Summer Daze

Ahhhh. The hot, hazy days of summer officially are upon us.Virginia's notoriously miserable and uncomfortable heat and humidity induce us into a daze. The pace noticeably slows. It's been that way since the first colonists (even if today's politicians in Richmond continue to drag out their work). Some things do change, however. At least one generation has known nothing but the easy comfort of central air conditioning. But it wasn't that long ago when not every room in every house was air conditioned. Box fans were a huge help in managing the heat (ceiling fans were something only for fancy restaurants or old hotels). Sitting by them after a sweaty excursion outside was cool  . . . and cooling. They also provided a tool for fun. One of those cool things about the fan? Something we all still do when the now rare opportunity presents itself:

Photo: Mmmhmm... Admit it. We ALL did (do) it!

Maybe if the capitol and Executive Mansion didn't have air conditioning, the politicians would get their work done on time.