"Lucrative . . . No Experience Necessary"

In researching the actions of one of Virginia's most notorious abortion "providers," Steven Brigham, we stumbled across an employment advertisement on his business's website:

Lucrative opportunity for Physician with progressive pro-choice women's centers. No on-call responsibility. Any specialty will be considered. All MDs/ODs welcome (including GPs, FMGs and residents). No experience necessary, we will train. Flexible Schedules to accommodate your needs. Great opportunity for MDs in private practice who wish to supplement their incomes, or for doctors seeking a Full-time lucrative opportunity.  No on-call. Full-time or Part-time. Any specialty. FMGs welcome. Residents welcome. Board eligibility not required. General Practitioners welcome. No experience necessary, we will train. Must be willing to learn. Must have an active license to practice medicine. Must be pro-choice and respectful of women.

Note the highlights:  LucrativeNo experience necessary. Brigham operates abortion centers in Virginia Beach and Fairfax. In his press release announcing changes on the Virginia Board of Health and his dislike of current abortion center health and safety standards, Governor Terry McAuliffe said, “In order to grow and diversify our economy, Virginia needs to be open and welcoming to all...” Apparently, when it comes to "women's health," it is all about economy - at least for the doctors who get a "lucrative" gig.  They are more than welcome! But it’s really not so much about the actual "health care" of women since, well, no experience is necessary. Hey, kinda like being Governor of Virginia! One thing is for sure, based on the inspection reports of Brigham's abortion centers, the money isn't going to improving health and safety for women who are unfortunate enough to enter the doors.  Apparently, it's lining the pockets of the "doctors."