Medical Specialists

During the 2013 General Assembly session, a colleague of mine testified during a Senate committee meeting on a bill dealing with the "A" word. That would be abortion, the word the Left so vehemently fights to make an unlimited, restriction-free, on-demand service disguised as a "right" but is afraid to utter. It is euphemistically called "choice." Murder as "choice." How quaint. My colleague explained how one outcome of the bill being debated would advantage abortionists. One of the senators on the committee, himself a doctor who no longer is in the Senate, but now presides over it, had one of those excuse me moments. He asked her, with great offense in his voice, "Did you say abortionist?" My colleague confidently reassured him that she did.

Now, why would he and the abortion industry take such offense? This is the service it proudly offers and defends. Its "doctors" certainly don't deliver any babies. If abortion is so fundamental a right to women, then doesn't it follow that they want that word out there as much as possible? Don't they want students to aspire to it as a noble profession?

More appropriately, if a doctor who practices in the field of cardiology is a cardiologist and a doctor who practices neurology is a neurologist, doesn't it follow that a "doctor" who practices abortion is an abortionist? Seems pretty simple and grammatically correct to me.

Speaking of "rights," here's a compelling image about abortion-as-a-right from the #PrayToEndAbortion movement. Please share this link and spread it around.

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There's no "I" in "team" and there' no "choice" or "equality" in abortion. It's all about life. Saving it or killing it — and those who practice it are abortionists.