News Conference Statement Of TFF President Victoria Cobb

This is the transcript of Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb's remarks from today's press conference urging the closing of Dr. Steven Brighams' Virginia Beach abortion center: Thank you for being here today.

Dr. Steven Brigham has an over 20 year record of not only putting women at risk, but lying under oath and disregarding the laws in multiple states. Recent inspections of his facility behind me prove that he has no concern for the health and well-being of his patients. Steven Brigham has no business being in business in Virginia. It is time for the Commonwealth of Virginia to take immediate action and put this man out of business before Virginia has its own Kermit Gosnell.

In its most recent inspection, the state found, that one in every three women that undergo a medical abortion rather than a surgical abortion have that process fail.

These women experience all the trauma and physical pain associated with a chemical abortion and then still have to undergo invasive surgery — the exact surgery they were seeking to avoid.

The FDA sites this drug as 95% “effective” (awful term when talking about the destruction of human life) 95% when used correctly so a 37% failure rate is off the charts.

Most disturbing is the center’s plan of correction when this alarming complication rate was discovered in their inspection. And I’m quoting from the report “These cases will no longer be listed in the complication log.”

Stephen Brigham’s solution to women unnecessarily suffering is to hide this fact, not resolve it.

Why fix it when the money goes in the bank whether there are complications or not?

In fact, two types of abortion, two payments?

But this is just one example of the many reasons why Dr. Steven Brigham should not be allowed to operate an abortion facility anywhere in Virginia.

Steven Brigham has had his medical license suspended, revoked, or allowed to lapse multiple times in multiple states. He has no license to practice medicine in Virginia. In October 2010, due to the discovery of a botched abortion resulting in a ruptured small intestine and uterus, New Jersey suspended his medical license. It was learned then that he routinely began late term abortions in one state and caravanned with his clients to finish them in Maryland (where he had no medical license). In New Jersey, Dr. Brigham had no hospital admitting privileges, no OB/GYN training, and no medical permission to perform third trimester abortions.

At the time, on his website, Brigham’s two clinics in Virginia, this one and one in Fairfax, offered the following surgical abortion procedure: “Surgical abortion patients who are between 14 and 24 weeks pregnant will be referred to our Cheverly [MD] location after their first appointment for the completion of their procedure.” Abortions after 13 weeks in Virginia must be done in a hospital, not an abortion center.

Brigham also has a history of hiring doctors for his facilities that have records of malpractice and poor patient care. One, who works at the Virginia Beach facility, Dr. Craig Cropp, has faced multiple disciplinary actions since 1998, has had is license suspended in both Maryland and Virginia, much of it related to his partnership with Brigham. You can read more about his long list of troubles in our press statement.

In 2011, officials in Maryland charged Brigham with ten counts of murder after authorities there discovered the remains of dozens of “advanced gestation fetuses” inside a freezer at one of his facilities. The charges were later dropped because investigators couldn’t prove the babies had been aborted in Maryland.

In 2004, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, home of the notorious abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, permanently banned Brigham from operating abortion centers in that state, a ban he ignored, only to have other facilities he operated shut down late last year.

According to the pro-choice website RH Reality Check, “Since the early 1990s, public records show, Brigham’s patients have suffered emergency hysterectomies, severe bowel injuries, severed ureters, and sweeping lacerations to the uterus. Over a period of two decades, Brigham has been barred from practicing medicine in at least six states, sued by his landlords and business associates, and even served jail time for failing to pay taxes. And yet today, Brigham remains in control of a network of 15 abortion clinics in four states, and there appears little that most state authorities are able—or willing—to do about it.”

In 2010, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia labeled some of Brigham’s actions “egregious” and “unscrupulous”, and called on state officials to “ensure that Dr. Brigham is never allowed to provide services to women again,” but made the inaccurate claim that laws prior to abortion center safety standards did just that. To date, Brigham is still allowed to “provide services” since he is allowed to own and operate two abortion centers. Abortion center standards adopted since 2012 have further exposed his unwillingness to provide adequate care for patients, but the Department of Health has done nothing to ensure the safety of his patients.

Unfortunately, the abortion industry’s actions haven’t matched its rhetoric. They have worked tirelessly for more than two years to keep the Steven Brigham’s of the world in business in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe and his Department of Health have a choice, side with the abortion industry and the likes of Steven Brigham, or side with the women of Virginia. With a record like Steven Brigham’s, whether he’s doing the abortion procedures or not is irrelevant. If he is running his centers like he practiced medicine, he’s putting women at risk, and should be prohibited from operating in Virginia.