Obama Administration: Flying In The Faces

Remember when the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank did this in June 2011? If you thought that was a blind-side-in-your-face moment of madness by a government entity obnoxiously forcing on its citizens an objectional lifestyle — not enforcing duly passed laws — then what the Obama administration has done recently is nothing short of open diplomatic hostility to our friends, as well as to the sensibilities of the majority of Americans who expect American diplomats to represent the country with decorum. There's a Golden Rule in diplomacy about not injecting your country into domestic concerns of another, not to mention when it is on a sensitive cultural issue. But the Obama State Department recently told Vatican City — which is a country with which we have full diplomatic relations — to celebrate "LGBT Day" despite the twin facts that it is against Vatican policy as a independent nation and its firm, foundational religious beliefs (see Thomas Peters at CatholicVote.org).

As Peters wrote on the day the communication was made public in late May:

It’s nice to see where our tax dollars are going. One wonders if a rainbow flag was flying from our embassy in Rome today. Or if the embassy staff was distributing literature in St. Peter’s square today to promote awareness of homophobia and transphobia.

Maybe not there, but taking its cue from the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank, our ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, is flying the "Gay Pride" flag from our embassy in Tel Aviv during the month of June, which is considered "Gay Pride" month (see Breitbart's Big Peace writer Katie McHugh). The move evoked immediate outrage on the embassy's Facebook page, many echoing similar sentiments: The U.S. government, especially in the form of its embassies, are not there to take up causes, especially divisive ones, and certainly not those that fly in the faces of the mores, customs and polices of its hosts.

It's one thing that he for the Obama administration to rule by executive action in contradiction to existing domestic law (such as not defending DOMA in court) but it's especially authoritarian to pick its pet causes to stick in the faces of friends and allies.   It foretells for more shameless grandstanding, posturing and pandering to the far left at the expense of American law, policy and protocol the next two years.

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The American embassy in Tel Aviv, flaunting sensibilities foreign and domestic.