Planned Parenthood President Answers The Question

No one has ever said Planned Parenthood is subtle — not when its in the business it is in. After all, this is the group that promotes the sale of gift certificates during Christmas season. So much for promoting "choice." For Planned Parenthood, it's all about abortion on demand all the time. That's why it was no surprise to hear its president, Cecile Richards, blunt reply to this question:

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She might not think it's relevant. Not only is that what the Secular Left would call "mean spirited," it's also arrogant because she's ignoring the fact that there's another party involved — the baby. While Ms. Richards thinks she can speak for the unborn baby, I would love for her to answer this follow-up question:

Do you think the baby knows if he or she is alive?

It's a safe bet as to what a baby's answer would be.

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 H/T National Pro Life Alliance via Facebook.