Thank Legislators for Clean Budget!

After months of your emails and phone calls to legislators, distributing thousands of door hangers to your neighbors urging a "clean budget" vote, attending town hall meetings and persuading your friends and family through social media to get involved, the collective voices of Virginia conservatives yesterday were heard loud and clear in Richmond, leading to last night's passage of a state budget by the General Assembly - a budget that does not include the expansion of ObamaCare. Now it's time to thank those who stood strong.

With additional language added to the budget by the Senate last night - after over four hours of negotiations and hard work by several legislators - the Senate adopted a budget that removed hundreds of millions of dollars in spending increases that had originally been sought by legislators but became impossible due to recent revenue decreases.

The budget now heads to Governor McAuliffe, who will have seven days to act once it is on his desk.  His ominous statement last night - "...this fight is far from over" - is not encouraging.  But the legislature did its job passing a budget, and leaves for future debate and action the expansion of ObamaCare.

Divisions and hostilities were on full display in the state Senate last night, and there's little doubt that the fight to protect Virginia from the fiscally catastrophic - and failed health policy - of expanding Medicaid will continue.  Let's do our part to ensure that those who stood strong are thanked.

Please click here to thank your Delegate and/or Senator who voted last night for a clean budget.