Fifty Shades Of Grey

It must really be nice to be Planned Parenthood.  I’m mean, it’s not just the $1.2 billion budget, with over half a billion being coerced from taxpayers.  And it’s not just their incredible public relations operation, with the finances and expertise to spend most of its energies taking the lives of millions of preborn children yet turning itself into a warm and fuzzy women’s health care organization without which the entire republic would crumble. Really, it’s the ability of a business that profits hundreds of millions of dollars, receives millions from the government, performs tens of thousands of abortions, and has suffered from activities that any other organization would find PR nightmares and have every single negative event associated with it completely ignored by the mainstream media.  Okay, not just ignored – covered up.

The latest example is actually minor compared to others.  This time an undercover video from a Colorado Planned Parenthood abortion center finds its staff members teaching what they believe to be 14- and 15-year-old children about sadomasochistic sex.  Honestly, the majority of Americans probably think that’s absolutely fine, I mean, as long as it’s “safe” sadomasochistic sex.  And anyone knows that a 14-year-old girl is perfectly able to stop her boyfriend/partner during rough sex.  I mean, really, what are you, against kids having fun?

Of course, the “mainstream” media has ignored every undercover video that has revealed Planned Parenthood abortion centers covering up everything from child sex trafficking to misleading clients.  Now, show up at the local news with cell phone quality video of a local farmer being tough on his chickens and you can bet it’ll be the top story at 6 o’clock.  Cover up child sex trafficking?  Not a peep from the news media.

Then there are the multiple cases of Planned Parenthood abortion centers being found guilty of defrauding the American taxpayer through deceitful Medicaid billing, to the tune of millions of dollars.  Its punishment?  More money from the Obama administration.  And no news stories.

Now, there’s the lawsuit against another Colorado Planned Parenthood facility that failed to follow the law (and basic human morality) and report a suspected case of child sexual assault.  After happily taking the cash from an abusive step-father and performing an abortion on his 13-year-old step child, the abortion center staff allegedly ignored the law and kept quiet.  Oh, but they gave her birth control before she left, so it’s all good.  Except the abuse continued.

Of course, nothing like that could ever happen here in Virginia, where the abortion industry has been set on a pedestal of invincibility by the media.  Expect for that abortion center in Roanoke that failed to comply with both mandatory reporting and parental consent laws involving 13-year-old girls for whom they “provided” abortions.  But I’m sure there was no sex abuse there because, after all, the abortion industry only cares about the well-being of women, cause that’s what they told the reporter…in the one small news story.  Not even written by a local reporter, but someone out of Richmond.  Oh, but that’s not a Planned Parenthood abortion center.  If it was, you can be certain there wouldn’t be a story.

To be honest, I doubt the PR shop at Planned Parenthood has to make a single phone call to a single reporter to keep these kinds of stories out of the news.  It’s automatic.  Something negative happens at a Planned Parenthood facility, the media looks the other way.

Like I said, it must be nice to be Planned Parenthood.