Obama At Work

With the world in chaos — Israel at war with Hamas; Russia trying to reincorporate much, if not all, of Ukraine; the terrorist, al-qaeda inspired ISIS Army taking over and creating an Islamic caliphate in Syria and Iraq while attempting genocide on 2000-year-old Christian communities; our Southern border in crisis; record debt; an economy that has been in malaise for six years; a government that spies and harasses fellow Americans; the decline of American power, influence and exceptionalism; the loss of leadership in space, industry and technology; and the crumbling of families and traditional values, among numerous other crises both foreign and domestic, not to mention the Redskins name controversy — Barack Obama plays pool, tells jokes, raises money for his yes-men in Congress, plays golf and takes vacations. This image sums it up perfectly:

Photo: True dat . . .

 All in a term-and-a-half's work. True dat.