Obama Gets Even This Wrong

Soccer fever has over taken America — thankfully and finally, I say as a very long time player, fan, coach and professional team public relations director. As the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has reached ratings that dwarf such American perennials as the World Series, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup, most American sports fans now are familiar with this chant, which originated (appropriately and patriotically) at the U.S. Naval Academy, and adopted by U.S. Soccer fans:

Its simplicity is the energy that powers the passion of those who chant it. It's hard to screw up. Now, I don't agree with much President Obama has done or what he stands for. However, he is a self-professed soccer fan and I have appreciated how he and Vice President Joe Biden have supported the U.S. national team and attended games over the years. But, really, Mr. President: Could you not screw up the "I Believe" chant?

It's only six words: I believe that we will win! Not can win.

I hate to say this, but it would hardly be surprising given the messaging of the Left to politicize something that should bring us together: Using "can" instead of "will" is mindful of the cultish chant of the Obama campaign: "Yes, we can!"

Even though he's displayed an astonishing array of ineptitude on a range of matters, and has been known to need electronic assistance in delivering even short speeches, I hate to think that even President Obama needed a teleprompter for a simple chant. So, it's either politics or incompetence or maybe he's poser. But even he couldn't screw this up . . . intentionally.