Sexism: A One-Way Street?

I receive many hateful voicemails and emails, usually expletive filled, when standing up for our shared values. Normally, we at The Family Foundation try to laugh about or ignore them. On occasion we have to share them with law enforcement due to their threatening nature. But I received an e-mail yesterday that I have to share because it epitomizes the hypocrisy and hysteria of the left. The subject was "You are one stupid woman" and the message was just as short: "How does your husband put up with your [stuff]?" ("stuff" was obviously not the word used in the e-mail).

It is fascinating to watch the tolerant and enlightened left revert to intolerant, sexist boors when confronted with a reasoned and intellectual argument in support of traditional marriage, defending the value of life or believing as our founders did in religious liberty.

Perhaps sexism, like tolerance is a one-way street for the left?

But to be fair, there are times it would be reasonable for my husband to ask the same question. Perhaps when we were notified that the police would increase patrols near our house in response to "chatter" after a colleague in another state had someone shoot out the windows of their car, when my alma mater awarded me a leadership award at an off-campus, secret brunch because the very faculty that voted to give me the award succumbed to the politically correct who were astounded and angered that someone with a different view could possibly excel as a leader, or when people write to let me know that they are hoping and praying that our children will die of cancer or AIDS. Maybe it is when he watches the toll the persistent personal attacks take.

Standing up for what we believe is not for the faint of heart. I am blessed to have the love and support of family and friends and an abiding faith in God to sustain me through the attacks.

Oh, and how would my husband answer the question? With encouragement, love and an ill-timed joke or other effort at humor to lighten the mood.