Disgusting, Vile Abortion Activist Bullies Young Pro-Lifers (Severe Viewer Warning)

This is one of the most vile, contemptible acts one will ever see, although I dare say it is not uncommon among the increasingly desperate  supporters of abortion-on-demand. This one just happened to get caught on video. There are numerous things to say about how immensely instructive it is about leftist intolerance, hypocrisy, bullying, media silence and so much more. But I'll save it for another time. The words and actions of the abortion activist who confronted college interns of the pro-life organization Created Equal yesterday in Columbus, Ohio speak (loudly and clearly) for themselves, and are more illustrative than anything I can illuminate by keystroke. If you do want more of the disgusting details, see Steven Ertelt at LifeNews.com, here.

An idea of what we're up against, but also the desperation of the abortion industry. 

UPDATE (2:00 p.m, 7-11-14):

Oh, by the way, as of today, a quick glance today reveals no repudiation from the abortion industry.