"Stamp Them Out, Ruthlessly."

“We really need to be careful about how we let other people practice their own religion.”

Those words were apparently uttered earlier this week at a Netroots Nation panel discussion titled, “Does God love women who have had abortions?”

You can read about that discussion here, but it’s the quote above that is so frightening and yet utterly revealing of the left’s attitude toward 1) freedom and 2) religion.

Note the unmitigated arrogance of people who believe it is within their power, and their right, to determine how “other people practice” their faith!  Clearly their idea of “tolerance” is once again proven to be defined as what the omniscient left is gracious enough to allow us religious serfs.  Not to mention their complete ignorance about the fact that our inalienable right to exercise our faith in public doesn’t not originate with a sentence in a man-made document.

Anyone who believes that the secular, sexually obsessed left has any interest in religious toleration is, at best, incredibly naive.  Do you really think their idea of “religious accommodation” involves actual religious freedom?

Yet another reminder this week of this religious freedom allowance: the Human Rights Council and other groups are trying to bully the NY Giants after that team hired former Giant and Super Bowl XLII hero David Tyree.  Tyree has committed the unforgivable crime of expressing publicly his belief that homosexuality is not genetic and is, as his faith tradition states, a sin.  Or, you know, a viewpoint held by billions of people across the globe from nearly every faith tradition that exists.  But holding such an opinion in “progressive America” is no longer to be tolerated and it is the job of these elitists, according to a NY Times writer, to “stamp them out, ruthlessly.”  This, of course, means the power and right to deny someone their livelihood.  Please note this.  To the omniscient sexually obsessed secular left, how they “allow other people [to] practice their religion” includes denying them the ability to support their families with a job if they don’t bow down to the homosexual orthodoxy.

The President proved this week to glowing praise from the sex obsessed left that the well-being of the poor, homeless, abused and oppressed is also second to this orthodoxy and that ministries that provide billions of dollars in services and support to those in need must also bow down, no matter how many people have to be turned out into the streets.

Toleration indeed.