There Was Even A Time . . .

If you had asked me as of yesterday to bet even one penny that Hollywood would ever have slammed Planned Parenthood, I'd say, "Not even that!" After all, what could be more of slam dunk? But the pop culture and media were different at one time. They reflected the traditional values Americans instinctively lived and knew were right and just.

I recently did a double take — even rewound the scene — when I heard the dialogue from an episode of the classic television series The Fugitive. The show, which aired in the early-to-mid-1960s, revolutionized the drama genre and captivated audiences each week who watched to see the innocent Dr.Richard Kimble elude law enforcement in a determined nationwide match of wits, guile, maneuver and counter, simultaneously searching for the mysterious one-armed man who killed his wife. It was an immediate award-winning and ratings smash hit.

The 14th episode of its first season (1963), entitled, "The Girl From Little Egypt," provided the backstory to the series. Dr. Kimble argues with his wife over whether to adopt children. That's when she drops this cracker of a line (starting at the 11:11 mark in the video below).

Planned Parenthood gets slammed in Hollywood in a day long ago.

Too bad Hollywood props up such nefarious groups today. But at least I now know whether to take that bet if it ever comes along. Or to offer it myself. Perhaps, one day, we won't have to go back to the archives to find such drama.