Understanding The Hobby Lobby Decision In Four Simple Numbers

Forget the legalese, laborious court opinions, scholarly articles and volumes of federal case law. Here are four simple numbers to understand the Hobby Lobby decision that came down from the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday: 16, 4, 100, 0.

Why simple questions must be resolved in long, complex legal proceedings are one of life's biggest mysteries. Commonsense is vacant. It's also bewildering as to how the Left can get away with asserting lies as fact and get away with it. It's shameless (and conscious) hypocrisy is another matter all together.

First, there is the Secular Left's remarkable, shall we say, hyperbole. One of its darlings, abortion-on-demand-activist Sandra Fluke, tweeted this after the court released its decision Monday on Hobby Lobby's challenge to the Obamacare contraception mandate, a provision that forces private companies to pay for employees' "birth control," which includes abortion-inducing drugs:


The fact is, employers cannot deny employees birth control. Employees are free to buy their own any time they want, much of which is pretty cheap. She conveniently redefines availability to entitlement. More specifically, Ms. Fluke ignores the well publicized fact that Hobby Lobby does, in fact, pay for its employees' birth control. The Obamacare mandate requites companies pay for 20 certain types of "birth control." Hobby Lobby provides for 16 of them and always has. But there are four abortifacients on that list and Hobby Lobby's owners have a religious objection to abortion, much less funding it. Here's more from the Young Conservatives' Joshua Riddle who cites Katie Pavlich, who exposes the Left's tripe here on her Tipsheet blog at Townhall.com.

But what really exposes the Left is the numbers contained in this Young Conservatives tweet in reply to Ms. Fluke:


By look of still more numbers — the amount of retweets and favorites — it looks like more people agree with Hobby Lobby than Ms. Fluke.