BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Grants Stay On Fourth Circuit's Marriage Amendment Ruling, TFF Issues Statement

Underscoring the arrogance of the two judges on the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals who refused to stay their decision striking down Virginia's Marriage Amendment, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman, the U.S. Supreme Court today issued a stay of that decision, citing its previous stays in similar cases. Almost all legal experts expected the stay, even as it was issued nearly at the 11th hour. If the stay had not occurred, same-sex marriages would have been legal in Virginia staring tomorrow, as many hopeful liberal media headlines reminded us this morning. Even Attorney General Mark Herring, who abdicated his duty to defend Virginia law, petitioned the High Court for the stay, recognizing the utter confusion and disarray that would cause in the state when and if the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately hears and reverses the decision, perhaps early next summer. That didn't please many hard core homosexual rights activists who wanted it right here, right now.

Here is the statement issued by The Family Foundation of Virginia shortly after the stay was issued:

RICHMOND–The Family Foundation today expressed appreciation regarding the United States Supreme Court's decision to grant a stay in the Fourth Circuit's decision to overturn Virginia’s marriage amendment.

"We are pleased that for the sake of Virginia's families and all involved that the Supreme Court showed consistency and granted a stay just as it has in other similar cases. Even Attorney General Herring, who supports redefining marriage, asked for a stay, understanding that this issue is likely to be dealt with by the Supreme Court in the very near future.

"The debate over marriage should be allowed to continue in the public square, in the legislature and at the ballot box, and not be imposed by the courts. Let’s have a civil, reasonable debate over marriage and the government’s involvement in marriage. It would be unfortunately if that debate was cut off by a handful of judges."

Virginians adopted the marriage amendment in 2006 with 57 percent of voters supporting the natural definition of marriage.

This issue is far from settled, just as we thought it would be at this point. Please continue to pray . . . and check back to this blog over the next few days or early next week for a particularly extraordinary interview that speaks to many of the issues regarding whether same-sex "marriage" is legitimate. It is something not to be missed.