Friday Fun: Members Of General Assembly Take On The ALS Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is, excuse the cliche, taking on a life of its own — in large part because of social media before the Mainstream Media adopted it because of its hipness among celebrities and athletes the world over. Millions of people are participating and challenging people within their own circles, which is the brilliance behind its success. Even politicians are getting involved and that includes members of the General Assembly. Early this week Senator Steve Martin (R-11, Chesterfield) took on the challenge and, in turn, challenged Delegate Roxann Robinson (R-27, Chesterfield). Here it is:

Now the question is, will Delegate Robinson oblige? If she does, we'll post it here. In fact, if you know of any members of the General Assembly (or past members) who have taken the challenge, let us know, and we'll post as many of them as we can.