Happy Birthday.

Do you know where you were three years ago today at 5:00 pm? I do.  I was giving birth to my third child.  An exciting time, no doubt.

But, it was also the exact time that former Governor Bob McDonnell’s administration released for the first time to the public proposed regulations for Virginia’s abortion centers.

The three years since the release of those standards have been as combative they’ve been enlightening.  And, as the Commissioner of Health reviews the standards at the request of Governor Terry McAuliffe, it’s clear the battle is not over.  Despite the discovery of more than 300 health and safety violations from inspections of Virginia’s abortion centers as a result of the standards, the abortion industry and it’s friends on Virginia’s editorial pages continue to bury their heads in the sand (or they simply don’t care) over the bloody and unsterilized medical equipment, untrained staff, violations of federal drug guidelines, violations of state parental consent and mandatory reporting of potential child abuse laws, and on and on.

Today, the editorialists at the Roanoke Times made the astonishingly anti-intellectual argument that “abortions are safe because they are legal.”


Worse, a member of the board of directors of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia argued in a recent blog post that ensuring women’s health and safety at Virginia’s abortion centers is “immoral” and that “abortion is neither naughty nor properly understood as a behavior…It’s time to stop focusing on abortion as a behavior, because the availability of abortion, whether people use it or not, is just one aspect of reproductive autonomy that is central to identity.”

Yup, that’s what she said.  The ability to take the life of your unborn child is central to being woman.

Unfortunately, because, outside of one or two stories, the media in Virginia simply refuses to investigate what actually happens inside Virginia’s abortion centers or ask tough questions about the inspection reports, too many Virginians are simply unaware of the bloody equipment and hundreds of other health violations.  It’s amazing what kind of PR a $1 billion industry can buy.

Regardless, for me, August 26 is a good day, both personally and professionally.  I look forward to celebrating many of my little one’s birthdays to come, and, regardless of what Terry McAuliffe does for his very brief time in office, seeing more women learn that the abortion industry cares a lot more about their cash than their health.

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