If You Haven't Seen This Before, You Will See It Soon And Often

The air war for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Mark Warner has been pretty silent thus far. The senator ran a fair amount of feel good ads early in summer, while his Republican challenger, Ed Gillespie, has been largely quiet, waiting, instead, for the contrails of summer, when voters begin to hone in on campaigns. Last year, by contrast, gubernatorial candidates Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat, and Republican Ken Cuccinelli, and their allied PACs, already had burned negative images of each other into the electorate's collective psyche. Perhaps the slow start this year is a lesson learned from last year.

But Labor Day fast approaches and it is beyond unimaginable that Team Gillespie won't soon strafe, bomb and besiege Virginia's airways with this (see below): Senator Warner, proudly speaking from his Senate office in a video to constituents, that he would never vote for a health care bill that would separate people from their health insurance policies or doctors. As if anyone couldn't tell what he really would do, he went ahead and did vote for something that would do exactly those things, becoming the decisive 60th vote required to pass Obamacare. 

Either Senator Warner did not know what he was voting on and what was in the bill, gullibly believed what Barack Obama said about the bill, or knowingly did the opposite of his promise. Any of those disproves the senator to be the discerning, "radical centrist," bipartisan lawmaker he claims. Then expect that to open up an entirely new front for Gillespie. It may be a shorter campaign than last year's, but it may well exceed its firefight intensity, with Warner sure to go negative to obfuscate his broken promises, failures and true identity of his leftward political dogma and ideology.