Mark Warner's Taxpayer Funded Charter Jet Trips: "It Hasn't Been Cheap"

USA Today, as well as many other (shockingly) Mainstream Media outlets, reported late last week that Virginia's senior U.S. Senator, Mark Warner, bilked taxpayers for charter jet services for a 4-day, 1,000-mile tour of the commonwealth last year. The national daily newspaper, which featured Warner on a cover shot, dug up records that showed he charged taxpayers $8,500 to use a charter jet to make the same rounds across the state that Virginia's other U.S. Senator, Tim Kaine, did by car for $690. Warner's 2013 taxpayer funded travels throughout Virginia totaled more than $30,000. As more than one news anchor said, "It hasn't been cheap" (about 12.5 times more expensive than Kaine's). Add the facts that Warner is the richest man in the U.S. Senate, he claimed to be "hitting the road" to work for Virginians, that the "work" consisted of visiting a craft beer brewery and a minor league baseball park, and that Virginia is not nearly the size of Texas or California where air transportation is necessary, and you have a really bad case of Congressional imperialism and entitlement. All this while Virginians are dealing with a difficult economy primarily caused by Obamacare, Obama defense cuts, Obama-induced high energy and food prices, and Obama debt, all of which Senator Warner has supported.

Nothing like slapping the taxpayers around while campaigning on their dime. Twenty-three other senators spent a total of $1 million of taxpayer money on themselves for air travel last year. Here's a video of the unfavorable statewide and national news coverage Senator Warner received this weekend — it's never good for a liberal to be chastised by his Mainstream Media base — put together by his Republican challenger Ed Gillespie. So far, I'm not aware of any comment provided by Senator Warner.

Mark Warner, like all liberals, is redefining everything these days. Now, "Hitting the road," means taking charter jets at taxpayer expense. At least he's consistent. He supports taxpayer funded abortion and contraception, too.