"No Danger of Closing"

Shelley Abrams is the Director of one of the Richmond abortion centers, A Capital Women's Health Clinic.  Shelley has been known for her candid opinions on the topic of abortion.  She is not afraid to proudly state that she is an abortion center worker and that she is a strong, strong advocate for abortion. Given her avid support for abortion, it came as a surprise to me to read a recent comment of hers on the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Facebook page.  Shelley writes, "Planned Parenthood of Richmond is in no danger of closing due to any of these regulations..."

The regulations she's referring to are the abortion center health and safety regulations.  And the "danger of closing?"  That's the company line for Planned Parenthood.  They cringe and cry foul over the regulations because they say the regulations will bankrupt them and put them out of business and thus deny access to necessary medical care for thousands of women.

But don't take my word for it, here's the statement of the Virginia Coalition to Protect Women's Health of which Planned Parenthood is an active participant:

Women’s health centers in Virginia have been providing safe, accessible, comprehensive reproductive health care for almost forty years. Abortion care is one of the safest surgical procedures available in the United States today. These regulations single out the health care professionals who provide abortion care, and the patients who seek abortion care, for arbitrary and burdensome restrictions, that have nothing to do with the safe delivery of services for women and everything to do with legislators’ efforts to deny women access to reproductive health care.

"Deny women access to reproductive health care?"  That's what I find so ironic.  From the mouth of an abortion provider herself, "Planned Parenthood of Richmond is in no danger of closing due to any of these regulations..."

It sounds to me as if "access to reproductive health care" will still be available.  So why the review of the abortion health and center safety regulations, Gov. McAuliffe?  Why the attempt to derail regulations that intrinsically protect the health and safety of women?

The reason for the attempted derailment of the regulations is that access to abortion, or birth control for that matter, is not what they are concerned about.  No.  What they're concerned about is the abundance.  It's about making abortion the norm.  It's about making abortion common, even cool (remember the "I love abortion" viral video?).  It's about the profit (can someone say $1 billion organization?).  And for non-Planned Parenthood abortion providers like Shelley, it's about sheer free-market competition (ironic, no?).

With the existence of access practically guaranteed either with or without the regulations (you heard it from Shelley Abrams!), the one thing that is absolutely certain is that the abortion industry's opposition is most definitely NOT about the health and safety of women.