On Monday, we were all disappointed to learn that the Supreme Court sidestepped the issue of marriage, denying the appeal of the 4th U.S. Circuit decision that struck down our marriage amendment.  At least for now, the decision has left Virginians without a definitive answer to whether or not our marriage amendment is constitutional.  Unfortunately, over one million Virginians who legally voted to adopt the marriage amendment have been disenfranchised, leaving us to wonder if our vote on any issue is safe.  We were also denied a defense by Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, who put his political aspirations ahead of both the Constitution of Virginia and the oath of office. It is important to remember that there are still multiple cases, including those in the 5th, 6th, 8th, and 11th circuits, working their way to the Supreme Court.  The issue of the legal definition of marriage is far from settled, and should be decided by the people, not the courts.  However, many experts still believe the Supreme Court will eventually rule on this matter.

For you and I, while today was disappointing, we must not give up the fight for marriage.  On Saturday, we celebrated a renewed vision for Virginia with over 1,700 supporters at our annual Richmond Gala.  The enthusiasm in the room was palpable.  No one is ready to quit.  Unlike when the Old Testament prophet Elijah ran away from Jezebel out of fear, even after watching God provide a great victory, we have no plans to run - and neither should you.  In fact, I hope you'll commit to do more, like becoming a TFF Action Ambassador.  The fact that the legal definition of marriage may finally be defined, not by the people, but by one Supreme Court judge, demonstrates how who we elect as President, the person who selects justices, and to the U.S. Senate, the body that approves justices, and state Attorney General, the person who is supposed to represent the law, are all interconnected.

Until the Supreme Court makes a final determination on the legality of marriage amendments, we will continue to advocate for natural marriage because children deserve, whenever possible, to have both a mom and a dad.  And we will work with the General Assembly to ensure that, while same-sex marriage is legal in Virginia, the rights and freedoms of those who disagree with the redefinition of marriage are treated equally and are not discriminated against in their religious practice, education, business or employment.