Clear Your Calendar

The story out of Montgomery county Maryland where public school officials thought it would be a good idea to expunge the calendar of Christian and Jewish religious holidays has just about everyone except the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Coalition up in arms. Of course, the kiddos will still have those holidays off, the calendar just won’t use the names of any particular holiday, like Christmas, for instance. (Shhh…don’t tell them they are off for Christmas and maybe they won’t notice.

As idiotic as it is, no one should be surprised at the school’s action.

After all, the concept of the government being “neutral” toward religion as the school officials claim they are trying to be and the Supreme Court has theoretically required logically leads to the expunging of religion. No, that’s now what the Founders intended when they said we have a God-given right to exercise our faith in the public square that the government can’t infringe upon. You see, that kind of neutrality toward religion allows for it to actually exist.

The problem in America is that government neutrality isn’t silence towards something. Neutrality has meant hostility. It means that something can’t exist because allowing it to exist violates neutrality and is an “endorsement” of it.

The secular left’s goal is fulfilled by a government claiming to be neutral, but all the while is erasing religion from the public square.