Do you know what day tomorrow is?

If you're like me, you barely think about the next day before it's upon you.  Pack lunches for the kids, pick up the dry cleaning, plug in the crock pot for tonight's dinner, and then do it all over again tomorrow.  But something is happening tomorrow that I want to make sure you've added to your calendar.  Tomorrow is your opportunity to set the course of your nation, your state, and your community.  It's Election Day. So in the same way that you plug in your crock pot for tonight's dinner before leaving for work, make a plan for how you will vote.  Do you need to set the alarm on your phone for 30 minutes earlier so you have time to vote before dropping the kids off at school?  Do you need to arrange a carpool for your kids so you can vote after work? Maybe you don't drive and you need to ask a friend to pick you up and take you to the polls.  Or maybe you need to plan to vote during your lunch break or reschedule a meeting so you can make it to the polls.  Whatever your hesitancy is, address it now and make plans to vote tomorrow.

Why the urgency?  Because it's too important not to care.  For one reason, the control of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance. Chances are you've seen a flyer or an ad on TV: in Virginia, it's Mark Warner (D) v. Ed Gillespie (R) v. Robert Sarvis (I).  Don't know which candidate best lines up with your values?  There are significant differences between the candidates on issues that voters like you and I care about.  To learn where the candidates stand on important issues, check out the American Family Association Action's voter guide here or Faith and Freedom's voter guide here.

Or maybe you don't care about the names on the ballot for dog catcher or for School Board or even for U.S. Senate.  I hope that's not you, but if it is, then consider the effect a new U.S. Supreme Court nominee could have for years to come, consider the effect on our ability to worship freely, on immigration, on tax policy, on our ability to educate our children, on the protection of the unborn.  All of that hinges upon the balance of the U.S. Senate since the Senate confirms nominations to the bench.

Voter turnout registries are public record and it's shocking to see how low the percentage is of people who vote in elections.  But that means your vote counts all the more.  Vote tomorrow.  Even if you won't vote for your sake, vote for your children's sake, vote for your community.  Vote tomorrow and vote FOR tomorrow.

Paid for by The Family Foundation Action and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.