Abortion Center Art?

Lori Brown is an associate professor of architecture at Syracuse University and she is on a unique mission in Jackson, Mississippi that oddly relates to Virginia.  That is because Lori Brown is in the process of transforming the Mississippi abortion center’s façade into a beautiful work of art. Abortion center.  Art.

Pause and catch the irony.

Per her comments in a recent Salon article, some of Brown’s collected ideas include:

  • “an inflatable kind of compound … the sense would be an almost moving object, an art piece. I really appreciate that there would be a technological aspect to it, a playfulness that engages the arts community that the clinic is located in”
  • “a series of water elements around the clinic … I think water and the sound of water has a restorative and calming effect”
  • “landscape, living and green walls … very beautiful walls that were sculptural”

Brown hopes to take her mission throughout the nation, but the tie to Virginia is that the owner of the Mississippi abortion center who is allowing this work is Diane Derzis.  Derzis owns the Richmond abortion center, A Capital Women’s Health Center.  In their letter dated June 20, 2014 requesting a construction variance from the Virginia Department of Health, the center cried broke, writing: “The Healthcare Provider requests a temporary variance because compliance with the architectural requirements … would impose prohibitively high costs and burdens on the Healthcare Provider.  The high costs and burdens imposed by [the architectural requirements] constitute – in and of themselves – impractical hardships in their application … it would be unreasonable to require the Healthcare Provider to expend large sums of money on significant architectural changes that have no bearing on patient safety, care or service.”

Dare I assert that inflatable art and water features truly “have no bearing on patient safety, care or service” despite the fact that Derzis seems to have the money in Mississippi to afford them?  Brown maintains in the Salon article that these design ideas take money and then she suggests the figure, “thousands of dollars.”  Hardly chump change for a “broke” abortion center owner.

Let’s be honest.  This is a shell game.  Abortion centers are crying “broke” in an attempt to repeal the commonsense abortion center health and safety standards.  But in her spare time, center owner Diane Derzis is pondering water features.  We all know that the abortion industry is lucrative.  The real problem is that they would prefer to spend their money on buying elections, rather than on the health and safety of their patients.