Respect Women, Require Safety

Monday marked the beginning of another public comment period regarding the crucial abortion center health and safety standards that are finally holding Virginia's abortion industry accountable. During its last meeting, the Board of Health empowered the Department of Health to draft amendments to the standards in six specific areas. These areas include vital aspects of basic health and safety in abortion centers including parental consent and emergency care standards. We need you to tell the Board of Health that Virginia's women need the protection of these abortion center regulations.

The plethora of deficiencies revealed in basic Department of Health inspections has exposed the failures of the $2 billion abortion industry to put the safety of women before their company profits. These inspections uncovered widespread health and safety violations, including blood splattered exam tables and equipment, unsterilized equipment, poorly or untrained staff, violations of state parental consent laws, and the lack of reporting of possible cases of child sexual abuse, along with over 400 other violations. These violations reveal a serious need for health and safety standards of these facilities in order to protect women who seek abortions.

Governor McAuliffe has repeatedly defended the abortion industry despite all of these horrific violations of basic health and safety standards - all because the abortion industry gave him nearly $2 million during his election. Attempting to stop these standards is McAuliffe's way of paying back the abortion industry.  Should we allow him to do so at the expense of the safety of Virginia's women?  While McAuliffe and the abortion industry are solely considering the reduction of profits for abortion centers that could result from these health and safety standards, we need to remind the Board of Health that the safety of women should be the first priority.

It is vital that the Board of Health understands how important health and safety standards on abortion centers are to the people of Virginia. This can only be done by your participation in the public comment period. Leave your comment encouraging the Board of Health to maintain and strengthen the current regulations and ensure that the voices of pro-woman, pro-life Virginians are heard loud and clear!

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