Virtual Lobby Day!

Tuesday, February 3rd, is our annual Virtual Lobby Day! What's that, you ask? While liberal activists advocating sexual orientation/gender identity issues from across Virginia and beyond will be in Richmond today lobbying the General Assembly to restrict religious liberty and elevate sexual behavior to a status on par with race, gender and creed, we simply want to start a conversation in response - online.

Our God-given, inalienable right to publicly walk out our faith and consciously object where we feel it is being violated is clearly protected by the First Amendment, particularly in the "free exercise clause."

So, let's start a conversation about religious freedom and see where it goes.

You can join us from the comfort of your own home (or office) in any or all of the following ways:

1. Sign the petition to our General Assembly asking them to safeguard religious liberty.
2. Take to Facebook, join the group and write a short post about what religious freedom means to you for your friends to see. 3. Tweet at your Delegate and your State Senator asking them to defend religious freedom, even in the face of an aggressive homosexual lobby.

Here's a sample tweet you can send:

@GovernorVA protect my right to allow my faith to guide my everyday life w/o censorship or penalty from gov't #FreeExerciseThereof #VaGA2015
Take the "5 words or less" challenge using the attached template & share with us onInstagram (@tffva), FacebookTwitter (@tffva) - or even email [not sure which one to use] - a picture of you explaining in 5 words or less what the free exercise of religion means to you!

Here are some folks who've already shared with us (not necessarily in 5 words or less), now it's your turn!