We Need Your Help!

We need your help more than ever to let the Board of Health know that Virginians support the essential health and safety standards for abortion centers that keep women safe.  Time is running out on the comment period and we are still short of the numbers that we need to have an impact. The abortion industry claims to be able to self-regulate; however, inspections of Virginia's abortion centers have revealed over 400 violations in just over two years.

Does this sound safe to you? Apparently the abortion industry has a different definition of what constitutes safety than the rest of us.

While we disagree with the choice these women are making to terminate their pregnancy and take an innocent human life, we still believe that it is imperative that these centers are regulated and maintain at least a basic standard of sanitation and medical safety standards.

Would you help?  We have a petition that you can link to, print out and ask your pastor if you can distribute in church this Sunday.  On Monday, either scan and email them to us or fax them back to us.  The comment period ends next Wednesday, February 11th, so we need to get these back as soon as possible.

All of the information on how to return the petition is on the petition itself.  You can download the petition by clicking here.  Thank you for helping with this!