BREAKING: Stafford School's "Open Bathroom" Policy to be Debated!

Erick Erickson of RedState, concerning the battle between sexual liberty and religious liberty, has said, “You will be made to care.” If you are the parent of a child attending a public school in Virginia, you better start caring, or your 9 year old child could come home from school having experienced someone of the opposite sex being with them in their bathroom.

Scare tactic? Hardly. You see, at an elementary school in Stafford County, this is already happening! To accommodate a 9 year old child that claims (or their parents claim) to be “transgendered,” the school is allowing that child to go to the bathroom of the opposite sex.

Nine years old.

Look, its one thing for those of us who are adults to have to deal with stories like this one, where a gym has a “no judgement” policy that allows people to use whatever locker room they want based on their feelings. But we are talking about our children here! Do you really want your child – elementary school, middle school or high school – being confronted with someone of the opposite sex in the bathroom or locker room?

We’ve learned that it is the Obama administration’s Department of Justice that is threatening school boards with legal action if they don’t adopt these policies! And the Attorney General of Virginia recently weighed in saying that school boards have the right to do this without the General Assembly’s approval.

The ACLU is also promoting such policies saying, “forcing transgender students to use segregated facilities is intensely stigmatizing.”

What about forcing our children to confront sex issues they are not ready to handle? What about forcing our children to have their privacy invaded in the school bathroom?

Do you care yet?

Today, I sent a letter to the members of the Stafford County School Board, along with a model policy developed by our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom that protects the privacy rights of all students while accommodating those children who are struggling with sexual identity. Our children deserve to know that they can walk into a bathroom and not be confronted by someone of the opposite sex!

Tonight, the Stafford School board is meeting, and it’s likely this issue will come up during public comment.

Please email the board members below and urge them to adopt a policy that protects the privacy of all children in Stafford County.

Chair: Nanette A. Kidby E-mail Address:   Vice-Chair: Holly H. Hazard Hartwood District E-mail Address:   Irene M. Egan Aquia District Email Address:   C. Scott Hirons Falmouth District Email Address:   Dewayne McOsker, Jr. George Wasington District E-mail Address:   Dana Reinboldt Griffis-Widewater District E-mail Address:   Patricia Healy Rock Hill District E-mail Address:

If school boards in Virginia continue to put our children at risk, we will ask the General Assembly to take action in 2016.