Collateral Damage

A few weeks ago I talked about The Family Foundation’s efforts in the General Assembly to pass stricter anti-human trafficking laws. It’s an issue we’ve been involved with for years, though because we’re not experts in criminal law, we follow the lead of anti-trafficking organizations that are. In my post, I wondered why we hadn’t seen any involvement against trafficking from the billion dollar abortion industry. It seems like “pro-women” groups like Planned Parenthood who sell themselves as being on the front lines of providing “health care” to vulnerable people groups would naturally be involved in efforts to thwart trafficking.

But now we have this. Pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood are actually fighting to kill a federal anti-trafficking bill because it prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion. Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, made it abundantly clear that providing taxpayer money for abortion (and thus, the bank account of Planned Parenthood) is more important than protecting women and girls from sex trafficking: “The Senate should protect victims of human trafficking but should not do so at the expense of women’s access to safe and legal abortion.”

Now, prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortion isn’t new. The federal Hyde amendment has existed for decades and is routinely included in bills like this one.

After watching the actions of the abortion industry for years I’m rarely surprised at its disdain for women, safety, and health. I wish I could say in this case that I’m shocked that the abortion industry would make abortion funding a priority over protecting children from sex trafficker, but I’m not.

Anyone who still believes that the abortion industry cares about anything more than its bottom line is at best naive. It is an industry that is about money and taking lives, plain and simple. Everything else, including the lives of women and victims of sex trafficking, is just collateral damage.