Do You Home School?

Are you a home school family? Would you like to teach your home school child a lesson in real life civics? We have just such an opportunity for you! As you may know, the General Assembly for the first time ever passed the “Tebow” bill, legislation that would allow home school students to participate in public school sports. The bill now awaits action by Governor Terry McAuliffe.

We’re asking that you have your home school student write a letter to the Governor and politely ask him to support HB 1626, and let each school district decide what is best for their local schools and teams. Does your young son or daughter want an opportunity to someday be part of a basketball or volleyball team, field hockey or lacrosse, swim or gymnastics? Have them draw pictures on their letters!  Let’s get the governor’s attention and see this long-overdue bill become a reality in Virginia as it is in many other states. You can mail your letters to: The Honorable Terry McAuliffe Governor of Virginia 1111 East Broad Street Richmond, VA 23219

What a great opportunity to teach your home school student how they can participate in government and have their voice heard! We’d love to flood the Governor’s office with thousands of letters from home school kids, no matter what age or grade level, that simply want an opportunity to try out for their high school sports team when their time comes. The Governor could act any day, so send those letters in today!

Encourage your home school network to participate in this civics lesson. Please forward this email to your friends who home school and share it with the co-ops in which you participate!

The home school sports bill, patroned by Delegate Rob Bell (R-58, Charlottesville) and co-patroned by Delegate David Ramadan (R-87, Dulles), would break down barriers that prevent home school students from playing public high school sports by prohibiting localities from joining the Virginia High School League (VHSL), a pseudo-state/private entity that regulates public school sports. The bill would allow local school boards to determine eligibility requirements and even choose to prohibit participation. However, several counties have expressed their desire to be open to home school students.

More than 70 percent of Virginians support equality for home school students, and the proposal is endorsed by the Washington Post.

If you don't home school, or want to send the Governor an email, simply click here.