Last night, the Stafford County School Board voted unanimously to reverse a staff initiated policy that allowed a “transgendered” nine-year-old child to use the bathroom of their choice in their elementary school. Cue the name calling.

Of course, anyone who thinks that nine-year-old children (or any age child for that matter) shouldn’t be forced by the government into vulnerable interactions with oppose sex students in secluded restrooms or locker rooms is fearful, hateful, bigoted and just plain mean. There couldn’t possibly be any reasonable, thoughtful, compassionate reason to protect a six, seven or eight-year-old child from being forced to use the bathroom with a child of the opposite sex. After all, they might want to join the local gym someday, so they better get used to not having privacy in the locker room.

That should work out well when they reach middle school, too. Cause those are some easy years.

This isn’t the last time this issue will come up in Virginia. It is clear that Obama’s Department of Justice is bullying school boards across the country through threat of losing federal funds or even prosecution if they don’t fall in line with the President’s views on human sexuality. Said one Stafford School Board member, “This issue is going to continue to grow in Virginia and throughout the country.  What is ironic is what we are attempting to avoid is bullying of children, but the tactic being used is the federal government bullying individual school districts with the actual effect of saying you will comply with our demand or we will take your lunch money.   The Department of Justice’s Office of Civil Rights is where complaints of transgender students restricted bathroom use are filed.  The OCR then makes demands of local school districts with the threat of reducing federal funding.  One of the biggest line items of federal funding schools receive is student nutrition reimbursement.  Hence the federal government is bullying the little guys for their lunch money.”

Several states are currently considering laws that would provide a reasonable, compassionate and privacy protecting solution by offering alternative facilities for a child struggling with sexual identity issues. I suspect that, given the prominence this issue is getting here, the General Assembly will see similar legislation in 2016. It’ll be interesting to see if Governor McAuliffe and his secular liberal friends make this a campaign this year, and how Republicans will respond.

Regardless of the politics, though, is the reality we face once again that the secular left has no issue with using elementary school children as sexual pawns in their drive to define decency down and reorder what is biologically determined. And it appears they have enough parents out there willing to sacrifice their own children on the altar of sexual self-determinism.