Why Do Home School Kids Scare Liberals?

There’s little question that secular liberal democrats in Richmond hold much contempt for home school families. One need only be in a legislative committee meeting when a bill related to home schooling is discussed to hear and see the disdain that is held for those who choose to teach their kids at home. Now we see that of the hundreds of bills sent to the Governor’s desk by lawmakers, one selected by those same secular liberals for particular scorn just happens to be the “Tebow bill.” This legislation simply begins to break down barriers to “public school sports” for home school kids. More than half the states in the country have procedures for allowing home school kids to participate in public high school sports programs. So far, none have seen the complete and utter disintegration of athletics programs as we know them. In fact, everyone seems to be getting along just fine.

So, why the fear? Why target home school kids?

Generally, home school kids do as well or better academically than their publicly schooled counterparts, so the reason for the hostility toward home schooling by secular liberals isn’t really about academics. Liberals can talk all they want about “fairness” and say that allowing home school kids to try out for teams isn’t “fair” to kids who attend public school, but how is it fair to those home school kids to deny access when their parents pay for the public schools? No, those may be the verbalized arguments used by liberals, but they aren’t the real reasons for the hostility.

I suspect the hostility goes much deeper, to the philosophy and beliefs that many (but not nearly all) home school families share. That belief system is generally antithetical to the secular liberal worldview and its view of education. In reality, home schooled kids are the “ones who got away” from the cookie cutter government system. They generally don’t follow the cultural rules. They are less likely to be easily manipulated and controlled. Frankly, they are a threat.

We’ll see if Governor McAuliffe acquiesces to the wishes of his base and vetoes the “Tebow bill.” Regardless, home schooling isn’t going away anytime soon – in fact it’s growing exponentially. Perhaps that’s the greatest threat of all.