BREAKING: AG Herring Opinion Protects Abortion Centers

No surprise, but today Attorney General Mark Herring issued an opinion that allows abortion centers in Virginia to be "grandfathered" under building standards required by the law and abortion center health and safety standards adopted several years ago.  Here is our media statement regarding his decision:

 “Despite hundreds of health and safety violations, including unsanitary conditions, and multiple violations of state and federal drug laws in Virginia’s abortion centers, Governor McAuliffe and Attorney General Herring continue their political payback to an abortion industry that gave them over $2 million in campaign contributions.  Consequently, it's not surprising that the Attorney General is inserting his political agenda by ignoring the will of the legislature.  He has proven time and again that he believes he is not bound by the law.

“This decision will put women who have a medical emergency in an abortion center, a fairly regular occurrence, at risk when emergency personnel can't get to them with life-saving equipment because the doors and hallways aren't wide enough.  Once again, the abortion industry is being singled out from having to meet basic health and safety standards.”