Fairfax School Board Could Vote to Violate Children Rights

We recently told you about the Stafford County School Board’s vote to rescind a policy that allowed elementary school children to use the bathroom of their choice. Now, Fairfax County’s School Board is about to vote on a similar policy. The vote is scheduled for Thursday, May 7th.

The policy change would affect all students, parents, and school employees.

According to former Fairfax school board member Mychele Brickner, “…it is being done for no apparent reason. The School Board recently discussed (Agenda Item 4: listen to audio here) adding two words, “gender identity,” to the non-discrimination policy. Many board members voiced support for the change. No mention was made about disruption to the educational climate or parental values, nor any consideration that the change could open bathroom and locker rooms for use by the opposite sex if they claim to be transgendered.”

If adopted, the new policy would likely allow children to come to school dressed as the opposite sex and to use restrooms of the opposite sex.

Please distribute this flyer to your friends and neighbors!

The ACLU is also promoting such policies saying, “Forcing transgender students to use segregated facilities is intensely stigmatizing.” And with a recent opinion from Attorney General Mark Herring, school boards now feel empowered to change policies in ways the General Assembly has never authorized.

Once again, this type of policy forces our children to confront sex issues they are not ready to handle and to have their privacy invaded in the school bathroom. We believe a policy that provides alternative facilities for a child struggling with sexual identity issues is more appropriate and protects the rights of all children.

I will be sending a letter to the members of the Fairfax County School Board, along with a model policy developed by our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom that protects the privacy rights of all students while accommodating those children who are struggling with sexual identity. Our children deserve to know that they can walk into a bathroom and not be confronted by someone of the opposite sex.

I hope you will attend the May 7th Fairfax School Board meeting at Luther Jackson MS, 3020 Gallows Rd., Falls Church and make your voice heard. We can teach our children to be compassionate and tolerant toward one another without forcing six, seven and eight year old children into vulnerable interactions with opposite sex students in restrooms and locker rooms.

Also, please email the board members by clicking here and urge them to adopt a policy that protects the privacy of all children in Fairfax County.

To speak before the Board on this topic sign up online click here.  Sign up begins on May 4th for the May 7th meeting.

Because school boards and secular “progressives” are continuing their assault on our children’s privacy and innocence, we will ask the General Assembly to take action on this issue in 2016.