Ignorance is Bliss for Post and RTD Editors

The so-called mainstream media in America takes a lot of heat, particularly from conservatives, who are convinced that it is bias against anything conservative. We at The Family Foundation from time to time have joined that chorus. Sometimes, the bias is subtle, sometimes not. Rarely, however, at least when it comes to journalists here in Richmond, is it an outright lie. But earlier this week the editors at the Washington Post lied. I know that’s a strong accusation, but its reality. Now, in all fairness, perhaps in their echo chamber of blissful secular liberal ignorance they are unaware of the evidence that would inform their statement otherwise, but if they are, it’s an intentional obliviousness.

In an editorial praising Attorney General Mark Herring for his press release legal opinion regarding abortion center health and safety standards, the editors pen this line:

“Advocates of the 2011 law insist its intent was to protect women’s health, yet they have offered no evidence to suggest any pattern of unsafe, unsanitary or poor treatment at the state’s clinics…” [Emphasis added]

Umm. Seriously?

Well, I guess if you ignore the multiple abortion centers that were found to have blood on medical equipment, patient tables, and even exam room walls, or the multiple abortion centers that didn’t properly sterilize equipment, or the abortion centers where doctors didn’t wash their hands between patients, or the abortion centers where they didn’t re-glove between patients, or the dozens of other “unsanitary” conditions dating back to initial inspections in 2012, then, if you ignore all that, no evidence exists whatsoever.

But that is what has been found, and it is a pattern, noticeable to anyone not so blinded by their ideological zealotry for abortion.

Even the editors at the Richmond Times Dispatch have been forced to recognize at least the possibility that just maybe, despite their obvious wish otherwise, that something just a bit nasty might be going on inside the sacred ground of Virginia’s abortion centers:

“It also has been entertaining to watch many in the media carefully study the tops of their shoes whenever abortion foes raise alarms about health and safety violations at abortion clinics. As a general rule, the press loves nothing so much as in-depth exposés of industries that put health and safety at risk for the sake of their own almighty profits. Yet the abortion industry gets a pass from such scrutiny, to the point that when abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was accused of beheading live children, media outlets ignored what was considered a ‘local crime story.’”

Tortured as their writing is, at least the RTD is not so blinded by their love of and adoration for abortion (and Mark Herring) that they can’t suggest, even reluctantly, that it’s worth investigating. Or, perhaps, their simply covering their own bases just in case some reporter somewhere in Virginia goes against the wishes of the editors and investigates what’s really happening in Virginia’s abortion centers, and the reality is far less fanciful than either group of editors wants to believe.

Of course, they could just read the inspection reports. But then again, as mom used to say, ignorance is bliss.