Updated: Media Silence Speaks Volumes

The RTD headline screamed, “McDonnell appoints anti-abortion doctor to Board of Health”! Reporters like Jim Nolan were all aflutter at the audacity of then Governor Bob McDonnell to appoint someone to the Board of Health who, you know, actually agreed with him on some issues.

How dare he!

Pro-abortion activists went into their perfectly choreographed hysterics: “We think he is not unbiased enough to serve on the Board of Health,” said protester, Shelley Abrams. “Clearly, his only purpose  for being there is to influence abortion clinic regulations and make it harder for clinics to stay open.”  (What the really, really unbiased reporter in this story failed to mention is that “protester” Shelley Abrams runs an abortion center in Richmond.  Minor detail. Nothing here, just move along…)

Tarina Keene of the curiously named “Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health” screamed, “For Governor McDonnell to appoint Dr. James Seeds, a prominent member of an ideological anti-choice organization, to a  public health body charged with acting objectively on the side of patient safety, is a clear and shocking conflict of interest.”

“Conflict of interest.”  Remember that.

They even had a Facebook page:  Recuse yourself, John Seeds!

My, my.  A Facebook event.  That’s pretty serious.

Fast forward three years, when on Friday Governor Terry McAuliffe appointed to the Board of Health a pro-abortion activist, Dr. Wendy Klein, who has stood side-by-side with Planned Parenthood and NARAL to fight abortion center health and safety standards for years, along with any and all other pro-life measure.

The RTD headline screamed…oh, wait, that’s right.  There was no RTD headline.

In fact, nary a story. Anyplace as far as we can tell.

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

Nope, no bias in the media in Virginia.  None at all.

The reality is that a Governor can appoint just about anyone they want to any board or commission they want.  It’s political patronage at its finest.  Most of the time they even appoint people who are ideologically in line with their viewpoint.  This power of appointment is one of the reasons the General Assembly has been reluctant to give Virginia governor’s a second term.  Appointment power is real power.

So the real issue is the blatant hypocrisy of the abortion industry and their apologists in the Virginia media.  When a pro-life governor appointed a pro-life doctor to the Board of Health it was hysteria all around.  When a pro-abortion governor appoints a pro-abortion doctor to the Board of Health, it’s utter silence.

Silence that speaks volumes.

UPDATE: My "Google" skills need work.  It appears that the RTD in fact ran a short story concerning Dr. Klein's appointment, but it's an Associated Press blurb with no comments or commentary, and with a less than hysterical headline.   Certainly no comparison to the Seeds' stories.