Civic Engagement: the New Form of Bullying

I remember the days when I would hear elected officials begging citizens to be engaged―to come out to the meetings of local board of supervisors and school boards to make their voices heard.  We called it “democracy in action.”  Apparently, we’ve moved into a whole new era. 

Now when an issue arises that deeply affects families and parents pack a school board room to make their voices heard, they are called “bullies” by their representative.  Yes, that’s right, Delegate Scott Surovell called his own constituents “bullies” on his Facebook page because they dared to suggest that the local school board ought not circumvent the law requiring parental op-out for controversial matters such as the teaching transgenderism as part of normal development and telling young children about gang rape.  Call it Family Life Education or call it Health but the spirit of the Family Life Education parental op-out law is to capture exactly this type of content that a parent might rightly believe falls within their own responsibility to teach to their children, rather than the state’s.    

Apparently, the new era we have entered is “Sit down, shut up and let us raise your children as we see fit.” Who is bullying who?