Family Foundation Statement on Marriage Case

RICHMOND–The Family Foundation today expressed disappointment regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to impose same-sex unions on the entire nation. “Marriage expresses the reality that men and women bring distinct, irreplaceable gifts to family life, especially for children who deserve both a mom and a dad,” said Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia. “Today, the Supreme Court stripped all Americans of our freedom to debate and decide marriage policy through the democratic process. The freedom to democratically address one of the most important social issues of the day is the heart of liberty. The Court took that freedom from the people.

Cobb continued, “Our biggest concern beside the impact of intentionally denying children a mom or dad will have, is the open season the court has created for discrimination against anyone who believes having both mom and dad is important. We see the heavy hand of government coercing businesses into participating in same-sex unions, and you have to be very naive to think that religious non-profits, churches and pastors are not going to be targeted as well, something even the Obama administration admitted during oral arguments. Now that same-sex unions have been forced on our country, will there be tolerance for those whose faith teaches that marriage is the union of a man and a woman?

“Every child deserves the best chance we can give them to be raised by a married mom and dad, but today’s decision by the Supreme Court puts the governments stamp of approval on intentionally depriving children of either a mom or dad.”

Virginians adopted the marriage amendment in 2006 with 57 percent of voters supporting the natural definition of marriage.