"There might be consequences..."

There were a lot of memorable moments from last night’s NBC 12 RVADialogue forum on marriage, but perhaps none was as revealing – or frightening – as Equality Virginia executive director James Parrish’s response to the question of whether or not someone should lose their job if they believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Parrish stated, “…you know that there might be consequences…” for such a belief.

Now, in fairness to Mr. Parrish, he didn’t directly say it that way.  Some will argue he didn't say that at all.  He couched his response in all sorts of same-sex marriage talking points and focus group tested statements.  He’s way too smart to just come out and say, yes, he thinks people should lose their jobs for believing in natural marriage.  So, here’s more of his quote: “…to say that certain people don’t have the same rights that you have or access to the same rights and benefits in society that you have, you know, there might be consequences for that sometimes.”

You can watch the entire debate and see his full response here:

You see, the talking point always has to be “rights” and “benefits” and “access.”  Tried, true and effective words that the secular left uses in talking about healthcare, abortion, same-sex unions, etc.  But their words assume that believing that kids have a human right to have a mom and a dad denies homosexuals “rights” and “benefits” and “access,” an assumption that defies logic.  It pits their perceived “right” to have the state’s stamp of approval on their lifestyle against a child’s right to have a mom and dad. It places their desire for “benefits” against the benefit children receive by being raised in home where they experience the unique gifts that both a mom and a dad bring.

And, regardless of the talking points, regardless of how clever the answer, it is abundantly clear that the secular left has no tolerance for anyone who puts the rights of kids ahead of the desires of adults.

So yes, if you believe that kids deserve both a mom and a dad, you will face consequences. In fact, if the Supreme Court finds in the “penumbra” of the Constitution a right to same-sex unions, you can count on it.