Aaron Tsang

written by Kathryn Blass Aaron is probably one of the coolest people you will ever run into on the street and has some of the best Twitter game of all my friends (follow him @TheTsang). He grew up in Floyd County as the oldest of 6, so if you need an expert in running your family, he’s your man. In the span of 3 months, Aaron went from having no interest in going to college to deciding to go to The College of William and Mary where he probably watches 4 Disney movies for every final he takes (his favorite is Hercules). He will be entering his 3rd year at William and Mary this fall, where he majors in sociology, or as he sarcastically calls it Christian Utopia. He lives in a house with 10 (yes, you read that right 10) other guys! But the cool thing is his house is named The West Wing! Despite how he might appear, with his movie marathons during finals week, Aaron loves learning. You can always count on Aaron to ask good questions that you would have never thought to ask. He enjoys gaining information through debates as well. He loves to play the devil’s advocate and push the envelope so he can glean information from the person he is sparring with.

Aaron’s greatest trait is his love for the Gospel and subsequent love for people. Aaron is the Team Timothy intern, so he helps out with pastor outreach and our weekly prayer meetings. When he’s at William and Mary he is a leader for Younglife, a really cool organization where he gets to minister to public school students and pour the love of Jesus into their lives. Perhaps Aaron’s greatest accomplishment is eating 30 pieces of pizza at a Younglife night out to Cici’s—unfortunately however, one of the students ate 32 pieces. Aaron’s love for people makes him one of the funniest and most-talkative of the interns. You can always count on Aaron to lighten the mood with a joke. Aaron isn’t 100% sure what his future brings, but whatever his future holds will certainly be relationally based, and will have some sort of ministry aspect.

When he isn’t studying or working for Younglife, Aaron enjoys dominating blow-up obstacle courses, listening to real country music (not that Country-Pop nonsense), playing any sport, which is why he played on 13 intramural teams in only 2 years; enjoying the outdoors, pretending to speak proper Spanish, and being an all-around “professional scalawag.”