Abbey Jessee

written by Cameron Dominy Meet Abbey, The Family Foundation’s newest events department intern! This fiery Richmond native came to us newly repaired, limping in agony from one of the six bones she has managed to break in her short 21 years of gracing the planet with her presence. Maybe she hurt herself running to the latest sale, maybe she hurt herself at her favorite Virginia Tech football games. WE AREN’T SURE!!! But we are sure that this Radford University Senior, majoring in Marketing, lives day in and day out by her motto “If you ain’t first, you’re last!” #RickyBobby.

On any given afternoon you might find Abbey relaxing at the beach, or ordering a double chocolate chip frap from starbucks with such fervor that even the most experienced baristas QUIVER IN FEAR! That’s right, step between this coffee overlord and her beverage of choice and you could find yourself at the BOTTOM OF THE JAMES RIVER with cinder blocks roped to your ankles, while she watches netflix and sips her drink. And don't even think about crying in fear, cause this girl's hearing is PRISTINE. I mean really, like scary good. She hears across the whole office. #tbh. If anyone is ever going to take her down they’ll need an ABSOLUTELY COPIOUS amount of spiders and snakes, her only fear on the face of the earth.

One day, Abbey would like to work in a team organization within the National Football League. She also prefers unicorns to all other mythical creatures. Truly, Abbey is an exceptional intern.