Avery Whiteside

written by Aaron Tsang She’s back! She’s better! Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to introduce Avery Whiteside 2.0. This is her second year interning with Family Foundation. She may be basic, but that’s because this gluten free office warrior doesn’t need any special features to rock your socks off. A Jr. poly-sci major at Virginia Tech, (go Hokies!), Avery is no stranger to the struggles of finding parking on a daily basis. As an ex-volleyball player, Avery is both a baller and a scholar. She also plays the flute and loves to sing, which combined with her athletic talents make her the basic embodiment of High School Musical, except for the 3rd one because that one wasn’t very good, and Avery is the best.

Having worked at Chick-fil-a for four years in high school, Avery is no stranger to Moo-vment; which is good because she wants to travel EVERYWHERE. No, seriously, she actually has a problem. She’s planning on going abroad to Spain and wants to work at a non-profit or embassy, but her dream job is to be the first lady. However her heart is in Southwest Virginia so unless Spain annexes the United States and relocates the capitol to the heart of rural Southwest Virginia, we can all see Avery’s mid-life crisis forming already.

Now, although all the previous things are true about Avery, these are the facts that truly help you to understand why the Family Foundation can’t get enough of having her in the white, windowless room that is her office. Avery is a huge baseball fan and once jumped in front of a moving train to catch a homerun ball hit by her cousin, who plays for the Seattle Mariners. When working at Chick-fil-a, Avery was bitten by a radioactive cow and gained a super-human supply of Calcium, which has allowed her to go her entire life without breaking any bones. Another side effect of the cow bite was that Avery no longer needs sleep, so she spends that time between saving the world and watching Netflix, but mostly watching Netflix. In short, Avery is the intern that the Family Foundation needs, not the one it deserves.