Cameron Dominy

written by Abbey Jessee Cameron Dominy is the best. He has his own office. At least that’s what we let him think. Cameron is the Winning Matters intern who has diligently sent out hundreds and hundreds of report cards. So you all have him to thank for the multitude of phone calls you get. If you ever want someone to debate with Cameron is your guy.

Cameron is very much a Yankee…yet he wears Chubbies and goes to school at Charleston Southern University. Cameron is a Former Division One Javelin Thrower, but his competitive spirit carries over which is why he is currently serving as the President pro tempore for the CSU Student Government and is also the chairman of the CSU College Republicans. The South Carolina Student Legislature is lucky to have him as their chief of staff.

He enjoys anything on the water and he is a “Self Proclaimed Tea Junkie”, even though he drinks coffee every day at work. Anyone who has ever met Cameron would definitely say he is a political junkie. As a New Englander, he definitely speaks fluent sarcasm and is quite handy with a car horn. Like his political idol, Bill Clinton, he plays the saxophone on the reg and his favorite color is blue. Moving on to sports Cameron is an avid Red Sox fan and he particularly likes the hot dogs at Fenway. When it comes to football he is a Tom Brady fan, so this has been a hard season in his life. #deflategate