In the Name of Science

As someone who does communications, I have to admit that I sometimes envy the ability of the secular left to message. It is remarkable how quickly and effectively they can take what should be devastating information and turn it around. Their ability to change the meaning of terms to fit their agenda is simply incredible. Of course, when you have a mainstream media that is desperate to help with the messaging and doesn’t question anything you say, well, it does make it a bit easier. Case in point today is Planned Parenthood. Less than 24 hours after a story broke that should be devastating in that it reveals the callousness and brutality of the $1 billion abortion industry, they are out with a message that the media is carrying with enthusiasm: if you find despicable the harvesting of the body parts of unborn children whose lives were just snuffed out, you are anti-science. And, oh, it’s legal, so it must be okay.

Two talking points. Boom.

And how will most Americans respond? By being distracted by a flag and some Facebook memes. Oh, and by being intimidated into not wanting to appear “anti-science,” most will cower in fear and stay silent.

The classic tactic of the secular left: attack the attacker by making them look stupid for attacking you.

Of course, if you take the “this is all for science” talking point to its logical conclusion, the final solution is pretty frightening. According to this line of reasoning, if you are going to kill another human being, just make sure they are organ donors ahead of time because, well, that kinda makes it all okay. Since you are killing them in the name of science and all.

I know, I know, before Politifact gets its britches all up in a knot, I’m being a bit sarcastic. But just a bit. After all, it’s pretty clear that those carrying the abortion industry’s message are perfectly comfortable with killing unborn children whether it’s good for science or not. But if you can make a few more bucks off the deal, then science it is.