Kathryn Blass

written by Avery Whiteside Meet our Michigander Policy Intern, Kathryn Blass. Yes, you read that right. She is from Michigan interning at The Family Foundation in Virginia. It makes sense seeing that Kathryn is a rising junior at Liberty University majoring in Government with a concentration in Politics and Policy and minoring in Strategic Intelligence. Kathryn has many places she wants this schooling to take her, either to The Family Research Council, some version of The Family Foundation, The Tonight Show to meet Jimmy Fallon, or even the White House. That’s right Kathryn has high aspirations to be the First Lady.

One look at Kathryn and you wouldn’t believe that she likes hockey, but she is an avid hockey watcher. She enjoys watching hockey players getting slammed against the boards and fighting. She is a fellow gluten-free chick just like me. You could basically say we are two gluten free peas in a pod…three if you are counting Erica, but she’s no longer an intern so we don’t associate with her. Since Kathryn has become gluten free she has had to broaden her horizons and started cooking and baking more so the other interns are expecting her to bring in some goodies soon. Like in two weeks because that’s all we have left. She needs to get on it.

Kathryn is the poster child for the perfect employee. She is always on time and works until the clock strikes 5:31. Though she does know how to have a good time, work is no laughing matter for this girl! We are also very proud of her for FINALLY bringing in her own popcorn.

Kathryn has been a valuable and suave asset to the Family Foundation, and will be greatly missed when she goes back to the only college for her. To paraphrase one of her heroes, “Give her Liberty, or give her hockey!” (She’s cool with either).