Lunch With a Side of Body Parts

It saddens me to say this, but it is becoming abundantly clear that there isn’t a law enforcement or public health agent or agency in the Commonwealth or nation that is going to bring to justice to anyone in the $1 billion abortion industry for its crimes, at least anytime soon.  Regardless of the barbarity of its practices and attitude, the abortion industry is singled out by our government as untouchable.  And a video being circulated today across social media – because no one in the mainstream media has the guts or will to report it – is more proof of the industry’s legal invincibility. The video is of Planned Parenthood executives discussing the illegal trafficking of the body parts of aborted children.  As we said today on our blog, “the callousness with which they discuss killing these nearly born children and then profiting from the human beings they destroyed is, of course, despicable to anyone who has any compassion for humanity.”  For those of us who have been fighting for the unborn for any length of time, this inhumanity (and illegality) comes as no surprise.

Over the past few years, since Virginia first adopted abortion center health and safety standards, public health officials have uncovered a plethora of health violations at Virginia’s abortion centers, violations both the industry and Department of Health dismiss as irrelevant.  Some of the violations clearly put the health of women at risk: unsanitary conditions, including bloody and unsterilized equipment, untrained staff members, lack of protocols for infectious disease protection, and on and on.  These violations continue to be ignored.

Some of the activities clearly violate both state and federal law: abortion centers that have failed to keep records of Schedule II narcotics, something that would bring serious legal ramifications for any other “health” care practice or practitioner.  In Virginia – as in most states – there is nothing but silence from government and law enforcement officials.

And now we see video from California of abortion industry officials talking about the illegal trafficking of human body parts – over food – like it is part of their everyday business.  While also talking about how they get around bans on partial birth abortion procedures.  Would anyone be surprised if any of this is taking place right here in Virginia and is also being ignored by public health officials?

The good news for Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry is that it will continue to get millions of taxpayer dollars.  They will continue to go without legal ramifications.  Here in the Commonwealth, Governor Terry McAuliffe and Attorney General Mark Herring will focus all their energies on ensuring that no abortion center or abortion center operator will be held accountable.  The Virginia Department of Health will continue to fail in its mission of ensuring the public health.  The media will continue to defend the industry regardless of what is found.

Regardless of the failure of government to enforce the law, however, we must do all we can to ensure that the truth about the abortion industry’s abhorrent commitment to profit over the health of women and at the expense of the lives of unborn children is told.  We must do all we can to share these kinds of stories through all the mediums we can.  We must support those ministries that provide women who face an unplanned pregnancy with all the help and support they need to avoid having to be put at risk by walking into one of these horrific abortion centers.  The government will never put Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry out of business. But we can.  We can by exposing it for what it is and persuading women that there are better alternatives.  The industry will die without clients, and we need to do all we can to make going to one of these despicable facilities something that no woman in American ever wants to do.

And despite the hostility of our Governor and Attorney General and the failure of the Department of Health, we will continue to fight for strong abortion center health standards and for enforcement of those standards.  One day, we will have people in office with the courage and commitment to bring to justice those who have violated the law and put women at risk.