McAuliffe Hides Behind Abortion Center Safety Standards

by Kathryn Blass, TFF Summer InternLiberty University

In an article posted Thursday the Richmond Times-Dispatch shared Governor McAuliffe’s view of the Planned Parenthood scandal that erupted this week after an undercover video exposed a Planned Parenthood abortionist sharing details about the illegal trafficking of aborted fetus body parts. A spokesperson for McAuliffe stated, “Every Virginia women’s health center is licensed and regulated by the Virginia Department of Health and subject to regular and thorough inspections to ensure that they are in full compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations.” Wait. Did you just read that correctly? Yes, yes you did. Governor McAuliffe is now using the very abortion center regulations he has opposed since day one to ensure Virginians that abortion centers in Virginia are not engaged in illegal activities.

But of course, McAuliffe did receive extraordinary financial help from Planned Parenthood during his campaign; so why wouldn’t he run to their defense even if it means hiding behind the very regulations he has been trying to rid Virginia of? Let’s not forget that these “regular and thorough inspections” have also been called “extreme and punitive;” and that the abortion centers are not in full compliance.   All of the abortion centers in Virginia have been granted variances for the structural regulations—meaning that some of the abortion centers may not have enough room for an ambulance gurney to fit down the hall; but that’s okay because they are an abortion center and heaven forbid we try to make them safer for the health of the woman. Not to mention the countless other infractions at the abortion centers, such as blood on supposedly “clean” instruments, and doctors failing to wash their hands! Nevertheless, McAuliffe will continue to hide behind the regulations until they no longer meet his needs, and then he will try dispose of them again. Lest I digress, one other very important regulation is consent forms—consent for minors, and general consent to an abortion for adults. Planned Parenthood has claimed all of the fetuses that had donated parts were donated after consent from the mother, yet they often fail to attain proper consent for any abortion. So why on earth would we believe that they properly attain consent to donate the body parts of fetuses?

McAuliffe despises any sort of regulation on abortion centers. While campaigning, he claimed that he would be a “brick wall” against regulatory measures towards abortion centers. Yet, his wall is crumbling behind the abortion regulations, as he protects his all-important campaign donor from the big, bad, Pro-Life groups that desire to ensure laws are being followed.