Not Dead Yet. Again.

Secular leftists were almost as excited recently about polling that purported to show America is becoming “less Christian” as they were about the Supreme Court’s decision to elevate sexual identity over first amendment freedoms. Certainly that was the case with the mainstream media, as headlines celebrated both with equal enthusiasm. Now, in response to the Court’s ruling, those same leftists are demanding that the government remove the tax exempt status for religious non-profits that refuse to endorse same-sex unions, punish business owners who dare operate their businesses according to their faith, and generally stamp out any Christian-based dissent to the new sexual orthodoxy.

Which begs the question, if Christianity is truly on the decline in America, why is the secular left so bent on using the force of government to attack it? Why not just let it die its own slow death?

In other words, why not let the market place of ideas determine the outcome? I mean, if large majorities already support same-sex unions, and gender identity policies, and self-actualization politics, then it’s really only a matter of time that those who cling to their old-fashioned beliefs simply die off or become politically marginalized. Surely, being on the wrong side of history and all can’t take too long, can it?

Or, perhaps, secular liberals are just worried that Christianity might not stay buried in the grave. Wouldn’t be the first time.